OCTOBER 3-5, 2014

Scholarship Information

BayFest Scholarship Program

The annual program teaches High School students about the music industry

These talented High School students are from Mobile and Baldwin Counties and had an opportunity to learn about the music industry from experts during the free BayFest Music Industry Education program on Saturday, September 21, at the Mobile Civic Center. The winning students submitted their applications and video auditions in order to be considered.

The BayFest Music Industry Education Program is open to all high school students and gives participants an opportunity to meet music industry representatives who talk about the business side of playing and writing music as well as touring. Each scholarship awarded will allow students to purchase instruments, equipment and even music lessons.

Scholarship applications were scored based on whether the person attended the education program, their talent, music theory, tone and clarity and "star factor."

Winners will also benefit from a continued mentoring program formed by the BayFest Music Scholarship Committee members and volunteers. Music professionals will be available to the students throughout the year.

As of today, a total of $85,000 has been given out in $1,000 scholarships, see below for our most deserving and talented winners!

Scholarship Winners


Amanda Kolb

David Sayers

Katy English

Michelle Wade

Courtney Young

Mandy Green

Bradley Lane

Joseph Jackson

Jake Alvis Marchand

Patrick Richie


David Sayers

Jimmy Rogers

Joseph Jackson

Terell Sneii

Grace Williams

Kate Teague

Shawn Wright

Sara Stearman

Pierce Parker

Tyronne Dunning

Daniel McBride

Gary Stanton

Michala Mesler

Joseph Bosarge

Andrew Cheipalich


Kate Kelly

Matthew E. Robinson

Miranda Mixon

Gary Stanton

Klaudia Larson

Tyronne Dunning

Christopher Gaal

Dylan Yates

Grace Williams

Kate Teague


Cory Dickinson

Brittany Grimes

Kaley Alexis Mallette

Brendan Manceaux

Chris Miller

Rebecca Pober

Walter (Logan) Pouncey

Joshua Sneed

Jessica Strenth

Grace Williams


Allison Anderson

Lauren Berry

Sumher Brown

James Caldwell

Marissa Cazalas

A.J. Chiepalich

Bryan Chisholm

Monique Cowan

Elizabeth Dickinson

Edward Duncan

Rachel Goodman

Klaudia Larson

Chris Marzullo

Chris Miller

Rebecca Pober

Logan Reid

Kristen Rhodes

Derek Rowan

Joshua Sneed

Jessica Strenth


Lauren Berry

Tiana Bryant

Marissa Cazalas

Janie Chow

E. Macy Colquette

Jarius Dixon

Rachel Elizabeth

Jacob Hall

Michael Jolly

Josie Lami

Anthony R. Lopez

Taylor Marston

Logan McDaniel

Bradley Mills

Amelia Nolan

Franklin Pratt

Kristin Rhodes

Derek Rowan

Morgan Taylor

Joshua Sneed