OCTOBER 2-4, 2015

Scholarship Information

BayFest Scholarship Program

BayFest and the Better Life Foundation would thank you all so much for submitting your application, video and attending the Music Education Program. What wonderful talent we have in our community!

It was a very difficult process; however, the judges chose the following 20 high school students to be the recipients of the $1.000 scholarship.

  1. Andrew Ayers
  2. Shalmali Bhadkamkar
  3. Donavan Boykin
  4. Janie Chow
  5. Ashton Clark
  6. Ian Copeland
  7. Gabrielle Corlett
  8. Jairus Dixon
  9. Michael Galanti
  10. Hiela Haider
  11. Jacob S. Hall
  12. Logan McDaniel
  13. Kevin Mooney
  14. Amelia Nolan
  15. Christopher Patterson
  16. Bryce Richardson
  17. Adam Schrubbe
  18. Jessica Strenth
  19. Sara Taylor
  20. Luke Weathersby

There is a lot of talent and we hope to see all of you who will be returning high school students back next year. Thank you all again